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In his book, What Got You Here, Won’t Get you There, Marshall Goldsmith says it is not only the technical skills but your behavioural competencies that can help you from being good to great! This can be achieved by effective coaching and mentoring.

  1. Coaching: Coaching is job focussed and performance related. It is needed by corporate executives, students, sportspersons etc. A good performance coach helps you move from being good to a better and then to a best person in your field. But then do the top performers also need coaching and who will coach them? Roger Federer with 20 grand slam titles has Stefan Edberg as his coach and Novak Djokovic has Boris Becker as his coach. The total career prize money earned by Federer and Djokovic are $ 100 Mn and $70 million respectively. But then why do they need coaching? It is not only sufficient to be a good performer but one should also strive to remain at the top. Only a star performer knows what he does not know.

    How does a coach help you?

    Looking at your job profile and the current performance, the coach creates a clear cut SWOT for his protégé. Through activities, procedures and job tasks the coach helps his protégé improve by empathic listening, goal setting, planning and establishing commitment,

    Who may find it useful?

    Sales Executives: We help you increase your order booking performance by territory and client mapping, your daily call average, analysis of quality of your call, how do you handle client objections on price and non- price related issues, how do you negotiate and showing you how to close orders effectively. It is not only about enhancing the quality of your sales calls but also the direction of your efforts

    Sales Managers: As a manager you will be judged not only as an individual contributor but also for the results your team has generated. Quite often we have seen that a great salesperson has performed miserably as a sales manager. The reason is the competencies needed for a sales manager are much different vis-à-vis the front-line salesperson. There are four types of sales persons Dead Wood, Unutilized Talent, Work Horse and Star Performer. We help you map your current sales team as per the above criteria and assist you in developing a star performing sales team. (for details refer: Contextual Selling: A New Sales Paradigm for the 21st Century by Rajan Parulekar)

  2. Mentoring: Mentors are people who can advise, support, coach and counsel learners in their career aspirations. Mentors can be a part of your personal and professional life. They can be formal or informal. Many successful CEOs Managers and Business People attribute their success to having being mentored at an early stage in their careers. A mentor may act as a role model, sounding board and confidant. Some of the reasons people opt for mentors are training and development, succession planning, creating a learning organization, knowledge management, realizing self and others’ potential, business competitiveness etc.
    Mentoring is recommended not only for sales but also for leaders, CEOs, CXO, CFOs, General Managers who are heading a SBU, department or a company.

Stress Management and Work-Life balance: Coaching & Mentoring is also provided on managing your personal and professional life. Please watch the video Stress Management & Work-Life Balance on you tube.

Coaching is specific whereas mentoring is general. Coaching is task based, prescriptive in nature related to specific tasks. Mentoring is facilitative and helps the mentee develop insights and go beyond his perceived limitations. Coaching is short term whereas mentoring can be a long-term initiative.

How do we help you? If you are based out of Bangalore, the coaching and mentoring sessions shall be in person, preferably at our office or any convenient location. For those outside Bangalore, we recommend a web-based Video-Conferencing mode.


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If you need to enhance your personal and professional quality of life reading good books is a must. Some of the books I recommend are:

  1. Creativity : Flow and Psychology of Discovery and Invention by Mihaly Csikszentmihali
  2. How to Read a Book : A Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading by Mortimer Adler & Charles Van Doren
  3. How to Live in a World We Don’t Understand by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  4. The Road Less Travelled by Dr. Scott M. Peck


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