Effective Salesmanship for Premium Property

The Business Development Team consists of the following:

1. Lead Generation: Consists of telecalling and chat support which accounts for direct lead generation. Companies also have referrals, brokers and channel partners for indirect lead generation.

2. Sales Team

3. Customer Relationship Management- After sales support – In some companies it is also called as Customer Experience Team.

4. Marketing – Responsible for ATL & BTL promotion

A salesperson needs to have the following four attributes in getting results:

1. Domain Knowledge : about your product, location, competition offerings etc.

2. Customer Psychology: How does the customers in general perceive your brand and your product?

3. Selling Skills: Effective Communication, Active Listening, Asking the precise questions, Negotiation Skills and Order closing

4. Peripheral Knowledge: RERA, Registration Procedure etc.

Selling premium apartments to HNI, NRI or senior corporate executives require a refined approach, grace and tactfulness. Generally the sales executives focus on product features like carpet area, the number of rooms, standard amenities etc. Even though necessary, such a sales pitch may not be sufficient in getting business from premium clients. The following cases will illustrate how each prospective customer needs to be treated in a unique manner:

Case Study I: CEO from a Bangalore MNC visiting a property in Pune.

Atul, aged 56 years is a CEO of an Engineering company Axon Machining Solutions, a Rs. 120 Crores company supplying precision components to automobile sector in India and international markets. . He is looking out for apartments in the Rs. 5-10 Crores category. He is currently staying in a company rented villa near Whitefield in Bangalore with his wife Suchitra and parents.

Having studied in IISc and worked in L&T 25 years back he is keen to settle in Bangalore and seen some properties in Bangalore and Mysore. His parents are from Nashik and his elder brother works in Pune in a small company in Pimpri. Suchitra is a housewife born and brought up in Mumbai. Both of them had come for a family get-together to Pune and subsequently landed at your office to explore the various options of apartments and villas.

Case Study II: Tough Negotiating Businessman

Hitesh K. aged 62 years is the owner of Adarsh Automotion, renowned car dealers, which is having dealership of Hyundai and Toyota with a total of seven showrooms in Mumbai and Pune. Based out of Mumbai, he has a full furnished 3 BHK apartment in Aundh where he stays whenever he comes to Pune. A flamboyant person, passionate about premium cars, Audi 8L and Mercedes S Class are his recent acquisitions. He has seen another property. He is a hard negotiator and feels the price you have quoted as Rs. 7 crores is very high.

Case Study III: NRI looking at Property as Investment

Vivian Almeida, aged 40 years is a Computer Science Graduate from COEP who did his masters from Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh USA. For the last 15 years he was in the USA in cutting edge technology companies. He has recently joined Tejas Infosystems , a Nasqdaq listed, Silicon Valley based company. Appointed as a CTO of the Indian Operations, he has set up office in Hinjewadi. He is a frequent international traveller. His family is based in San Jose, CA. Vivian stays in the company leased apartments while in Pune. He has funds to park and looking at buying an apartment from an investment perspective. He knows that property rates in the US are reasonably steady. He also has his apprehensions about the Indian realty market which is still going trough turbulent times. A typical techie, shy and introvert, he abhors flashy presentations, he prefers reason to emotion while making a decision.

The decision making process of the customer is complex which involves:

  1. The number of influencers – Husband, Wife, parents, in-laws, children, friends etc.
  2. Purchasing Objective and the priorities - First house, second house, for rental , if rental if it fully or partly furnished, the Return on Investment ( ROI)
  3. Customer Psychology: Introvert- loves solitude, extrovert- wants to know whether his neighbours are upto his financial status, flashy,
  4. Preferences of the customer: Whether a fitness freak, loves swimming, party animal etc.
  5. Do your customers get a seamless delightful experiences right from the way he interacts on chat to his personal interaction with sales executives? A CEO of a MNC happened to visit a premium construction company in Bangalore. At the reception, he was told by the receptionist to collect the brochure from the corner of the room. Even after 10 minutes there was no one to talk to him. Not having extended the basic courtesies he walked out of the office.
    Does he get the same wow experience at all the touch points with telesales, sales and the CRM teams? Quite often the executives at the project site are not trained or do not have the proper briefing of what has transpired in the previous call with sales executives. When the executives at the project site asks the customer about the latter’s background the customers tends to get annoyed. Just imagine if the Project Executive were to continue from where the sales executive had left the customer would have been indeed happy. If he were to address by the customer’s name it would create delightful experience for the customer.

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