On Line Training

Today the major problems faced by organizations are:

  • Cut-throat competition not only affects the market share but also the revenue
  • Desperate to get business, salespeople offer hefty discounts which affect the margins and the profitability.
  • When the attrition of salespeople is high, Organizations are wary of investing heavily on conventional class-room training.


What advantages do On-Line Training offer vis-à-vis classroom training?

  1. Cost Effective: There are no prohibitive expenses of booking banquet halls in hotels, no travel cost for the participants etc.
  2. Convenient: Participants can attend the trainings from their laptops, desktops as well as mobile devices. Our only suggestion is to use the first two options.
  3. Practical: The training will be customized to your business environment. There is a two-way communication between the trainer and the participants. Thanks to fast internet speeds, now you can have on-line role plays , exercises with whiteboard, chat, group exercises etc. in an on-line class. In one of the last sessions a salesperson from Chennai was calling on a customer from Mumbai in a video format simulating the real-life situation.

Recently we have conducted a 10-session On-Line Sales Training for KelpHR, a Chennai based company who had salespersons from Mumbai, Bangalore and Hubballi attending the program apart from the executives from Chennai HO. The feedback synopsis of six minutes on the last session can be seen on KelpHR feedback.

Program Methodology: Each session is of 60-90 minutes duration. For every session the participants will be given an assignment on a specific topic which they need to come prepared. Based on the topic , highly interactive sessions are conducted. Modules for on-line sales training are:

  1. What does an Organization expect from its Salespeople?
  2. How to get New Customers
  3. Effective Value-Selling Strategies
  4. How to handle customer’s price objections?
  5. Financial Basics Every Salesperson Should Know
  6. Skillful Negotiation – I: Preparation
  7. Skillful Negotiation – II : Across the Table
  8. Order Closing – Myths & Truths
  9. Improve Order Forecasting through Sales Funnel
  10. Importance of Payment Collections

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